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If you’ve been here recently you noticed a page tab titled “Works in Progress”. Through recent discussions on LinkedIn and others, I have learned that posting an unprotected draft your book online is just like welcoming someone into your home and rob you. Therefore, I have removed that page.

I have been reading a book  dealing with this very subject and the complicated issues and processes of the copyright system and registering your copyright. You really need to read it. I found it on Smashwords as a free book.

They Stole Your Book Now What?, by Ruth Ann Nordin.

I have also downloaded it in PDF format directly onto my hard drive and may even print it out so I can refer to it easily if necessary. It’s that valuable a resource.


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5 Responses

  1. Thanks for the link. It is important to protect your work so wise move.

  2. Wow, I was thinking of posting some of my short stories on my site. I thought if it was published on your blog, it was yours?

    • Since I posted the reply, below, I found a FREE site for copyrights. Go to http://www.Myfreecopyright.com.
      It is really free and you can have your books, your blog, articles, and anything else you write that is available through the internet copyrighted FREE.
      Check this out!

      • Thanks! Cool!

  3. Legally, it IS yours. However, if I want to steal your book, misrepresent it as my own through your regular distribution source, then make some minor changes and resubmit it to your regular distributor – or another – it’s now mine. The proceeds are mine, and you won’t be receiving anything from it. Ms Nordin explains all this in detail.

    She had that very thing happen to her, hence her book for the sake of us other authors. Amazon, and others, have thousands of submissions and the same in their catalogue. There is no way they can continually monitor for this kind of thing.

    So, be careful, but …

    Keep writing!

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