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I just added another link on the “Useful Links” page; Blogger LinkUp. This is a website where you can find a place to guest blog, or find someone to leave a guest blog on your page.

This is a good way to keep your blog up to date even when you can’t come up with something yourself.

Try it out for yourself.

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Sold a Book!

Yesterday I was looking at my account on Smashwords Image representing Smashwords as depicted in C...and discovered that one of the books I have published has sold two copies. Both of them were from Kobo Books.

My mother’s book, Devotionals and Meditations, sold one copy in the USA and one in Canada. I look forward to seeing this continue with this book as well as any of the others under the Write On! Publishing imprint.

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The two books I “sold” were not as I posted above. In fact, my mother’s book sold one copy through Kobo Books to a customer in the USA. My book, The Adventures of Chris Mouse shows as a sale, but was, in fact, a coupon “sale” to a reviewer.

Not bad, anyway.

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New Blogs

See the links on the left side column of this page. I have created new blogs/pages for each of my books;

The Adventures of Chris Mouse; a Christmas story for the child in all of us


PROVIDENCE; a love story

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My Christmas Book

Last year – 2010 – I wrote a little Christmas book for children, The Adventures of Chris Mouse. Recently it appeared on Kobo Books recommended list.

Yahoo! (Cheering, that is!)

Take some time to read it and let me know what you think.


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