I couldn’t pass this up! It only bothers me that it describes me to a “T”.

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In this modern, fast paced world of ours I am beginning to wonder how I will I know when I am old? When the media tells us that 50 is the new 30 and 60 is the new 40 and middle age seems indeterminate, how will I know when the time has come for me to sit in my armchair, button my cardigan and watch the world go by? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t feel old, although I probably am in the eyes of most people, but I’m not yet old in my own head. I look in the mirror and sometimes see another, older image staring back at me and that can be hard to accept. Certainly, when I was in my twenties, anyone over forty was old, and perhaps, in those days, they probably were. So what is it that defines us as old? As the date that…

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