Write On! Publishing was created to aid others in publishing their books. My current “distributor of choice” is Smashwords. I have both an Author site under my own name and a Publisher imprint under this title.

Image representing Smashwords as depicted in C...

As a Publisher I am able to “represent” myself and any other [Smashwords] author who is in need of that kind of support.

Consider Write On! Publishing and Smashwords for your next venture.

Note, also, the “widget” for GoodReads. This site is a good place to see what other authors are doing and to leave reviews and/or comments for them. You can also share the same about yourself and increase your visibility on the web.

I have even started a group called Writers and Publishers Over 50. This is age-restricted, so please honor that. I’ll be looking for you!

Keep writing!


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  1. Thank you for finding my blog, Wayne. Always a curiosity how follows happen! And, thank you for following my blog in the future! I have explored “Write On!”, so our blog posts will meet again!


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