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See the links on the left side column of this page. I have created new blogs/pages for each of my books;

The Adventures of Chris Mouse; a Christmas story for the child in all of us


PROVIDENCE; a love story

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Keep watching for this link to read parts of “My Story”.

You may want to follow the link and create your own story. These would be excellent to share with you children and/or grandchildren. – Everyone has a story!.

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Every Now and Then

Every now and then I just feel like a change. I can’t change my real environment, so I change my online appearance. So … I changed the look of this blog.

I always like to have more than one widget column, and I always want it to be professional looking. This is “Digg 3 Column”. Previously I was using “Notepaper”. The latter was more to the theme, but it didn’t do what I wanted.

So, here I am. Same old copy! Brand new look!

I hope you don’t mind!

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Smashwords: Are Copyright Statements Copyrightable?

Smashwords: Are Copyright Statements Copyrightable?.

Please take the time to read the article above. Smashwords publishers and authors, if you haven’t already read this, will find this very helpful. Particularly in party with earlier discussions.

Read on:

And Keep Writing!

Answers to Copyright Questions

In the past few days I have come across a couple things relating to copyright and copyright infringement.

First, I just finished reading a book which has been very helpful. I found it free on The book is: They Stole Your Book. Now What? by Ruth Ann Nordin.

Ms Nordin had a number of books which were stolen from and released under another person’s name and once under a different title. She had to jump through numerous hoops, write to Amazon, and even consult with a copyright attorney. Her book assists those who may find themselves in a similar predicament.

Yesterday I found a website called My Free Copyright. They offer absolutely FREE Copyright Protection. I tried it here on this blog and had no problems with it, nor any bill or receipt. Just a notice that my blog is now “safe”.© is the copyright symbol in a copyright notice

Check out these two resources. I know that you will find a lot of help from either or both of them.

Don’t forget, anything on the internet is easy to get hold of, steal, and call your own. Copyright is your protection from “web theft”.

New Page Link

Useful Links Page:

Take a minute to view the resources on the new Useful Links page. Let me know if it was at all useful and if you have any others you’d like to add. This can become a Write On! Publishing blog group interactive page.

Thanks so much for joining!

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Something VERY Short!

I happened to scroll all the way to the bottom of Dave Bricker’s blog; The World’s Greatest Book. It appears almost like a footnote; overlooked information on the bottom of the page. Here is what I read:

©2012 Essential Absurdities Press • All Rights Reserved • All Wrongs Revenged

I love it.

Thanks Dave!


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