Every Now and Then

Every now and then I just feel like a change. I can’t change my real environment, so I change my online appearance. So … I changed the look of this blog.

I always like to have more than one widget column, and I always want it to be professional looking. This is “Digg 3 Column”. Previously I was using “Notepaper”. The latter was more to the theme, but it didn’t do what I wanted.

So, here I am. Same old copy! Brand new look!

I hope you don’t mind!

“Write On!”


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Registered: 2012-04-03



4 Responses

  1. I like it. It looks nice.

  2. Hi Wayne

    I looks good. It has the feel of a professional site as it is, of course. Things can never stay the same as that’s the same as standing still. Keep up the good work


    • Steve,

      Thank you for the encouraging words. And I wasn’t even trying to come up with a “professional site” look. Just the double widgets.

      Write On!

  3. Thank you all.

    I keep getting positive responses to this change, so I think I’ll “stick with it!”
    Everyone have a great Easter, Passover, or Whatever.

    God bless, and
    Write On!

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